About Us

“Together WE are bringing back smiles on CHILDREN’S faces, giving them the hope they need, and sharing the love of God which they deserve.”… Solange :)


Sunnee was born and raised in Mexico City.  At the age of 12, she moved to Miami, Florida because her father was selected as the first Trade Commissioner of Mexico in Miami. In 1995 Sunnee obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  During that same year, Sunnee developed a passion for teaching children and pursued a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.  She has been teaching gifted students since 1994. Sunnee continued to further her professional education by obtaining a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. At the age of 29, Sunnee became pregnant and divorced.  In 2008, Sunnee, decided to turn this difficult situation into something positive.  She was the founder of a non-profit organization called “His Angels Non-Profit Inc.” which is focused on helping orphan children.  Sunnee, conducts an annual Christmas Shoe Drive and donates the shoes to His House Children’s Home.  Sunnee and her non-profit organization, His Angels, have donated over 500 pairs of brand new shoes for the orphan children. Sunee’s motto is “Together we are bringing back smiles to children’s faces, giving them the hope they need and sharing the love of God which they deserve.” In 2013, Sunnee published her first book A Very Bright Sun. All the proceeds are going towards His Angels Non-Profit Inc. to continue to help orphan children.